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Poočkování (Association for vaccine injured patients) includes patients, their relatives and other people who have suffered adverse effects after vaccination. Our primary objective is to help these people both socially and legally. Another objective is to inform the public about the adverse effects of vaccination and ways to prevent and treat them. We would like to educate paediatricians and other physicians who manage vaccination programmes in the Czech Republic. We also want to proactively inform physicians and therapists about ways to identify and prevent risk factors in order to minimise the adverse effects of vaccination.

However, the most important target of our Association is to ensure safe vaccination for all patients. We want to help physicians and affected patients report any adverse effects after vaccination. Based on communication with guidance counsellors, legal advisors and authorities managing vaccination policy in the Czech Republic, we aim to push through changes in the current mandatory vaccination schedule in line with the latest scientific research.

Our main concern is the rigidity of the mandatory vaccination programme in the Czech Republic. This very strict programme, offering no options of reducing the risks of adverse effects through alternative, more careful methods of vaccination, may be dangerous for people with health problems and those needing individualised vaccination schedules. Parents face a dilemma: either have their children vaccinated or face various repercussions (fines, accusations of child neglect, children not allowed to attend public kindergartens). In order to enable their children to attend public kindergartens, many parents have their children vaccinated despite their fears of the vaccines not being safe for the children. State authorities force them to vaccinate without providing sufficient and objective information about the related risks or adverse effects. But the government does not provide any form of compensation for those injured by post-vaccine encephalopathy, epilepsy, or even death, claiming that the numbers of adverse effects reported are consistently very low despite the fact that only a negligible percentage of adverse effects are actually reported.

We hope that publicising information about the risks of vaccination can help prevent harm to children and those adults who are insufficiently informed by their physicians and health authorities.

documents from our Association in english:

Associaton for Vaccine Injured Patents and its relatonship to the future decision of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (“ECHR”)

Amicus - attachment no. I